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As you know I don't usually ask for donations on the site but I'm in a bit of a financial bind this month. If you like Alice and would like to donate to a starving cartoonist, please do. Alice will love you for it :)

This is it, folks, the last four strips of this incarnation of Alice. I will return with new stories in both pdf and web based comics. To keep up to date with the latest news and return date you can:

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An Alice Favourite:

Fan Art, Fiction and Music

Every once in awhile someone out there sends me some wonderful art, stories or even music inspired by my scratches and ramblings. It touches me deeply.If you ever want to send me something just attach it to an email and mail away. Simply click on the images or links below to see previous fan works.

Kathryn White sent this wonderful sketch of Alice and Dot.

Kathryn also provided a guest strip here for the Alice Jam.

Imajica's Dragon.

Jamie Robertson has provide not only two pieces of Fan Art but also three guest strips.

Alice 2010
Sebo and Alice

Our very first Alice Fan Art came from Sunday W with a anime rendition of Alice. Sunday followed this up with a strip about the Alice Sailor Scouts.

Sailor Alice
Alice Scouts

Teenagehood is a strange and transformative time. By Fluff.

Music to Imagine by...

Raph Koster's guitar solo captures our favourite red head with notes rather than ink.

Poetry for the Imaginative...

CJack's poem about Alice.

Alice Byron sent me this drawing of Alice as that other Alice



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