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As you know I don't usually ask for donations on the site but I'm in a bit of a financial bind this month. If you like Alice and would like to donate to a starving cartoonist, please do. Alice will love you for it :)

This is it, folks, the last four strips of this incarnation of Alice. I will return with new stories in both pdf and web based comics. To keep up to date with the latest news and return date you can:

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An Alice Favourite:

Guest Strips

In the past we have been fortunate enough to have several top notch cartoonists take over Alice and friends while I kick back and watch Gilligan's Island re-runs. Instead of fishing through the archives I've set up this page for easy access, click the image or the link to view the strips.

Our very first gueststrip was done by Josh Philips of Avalon fame. It was done for an April Fool trick. I took over his strip here.

Josh Phillips' Guest Strip is here.

Gisèle Lagacé the wonderful creator of the late Cool Cat Studio. It kick started our first guest week.

I did a guest strip for Gisèle here.

Gisèle Lagacé's Guest Strip is here.

Second up for the guest week was Scott Kurtz. I don't know whatever became of this unknown ;)

Scott Kurtz's Guest Strip is here.

My buddy Carson Fire gave up drawing elves for the day to give us the third strip of the guest week.

I did a guest strip for Carson here and my Wife Kimberly did one here.It's a duet so you have to read them together.

Carson Fire's Guest Strip is here.

Mazitza Campos lent us her zany imagination for the third day of the guest week.

Maritza Campos' Guest Strip is here.

Jamie Robertson has been a big supporter of Alice since it's beginning. Jamie's first Alice guest strip appeared on the fourth day of the guest week, but he's also contributed several other strips and pin ups. Jamie's a good friend and a great cartoonist.

I did a Clan of the Cats guest strip here.

Jamie and I have also collaborated on two cross overs one for Alice/COTC/Elf Life and one for The Shadows/COTC.

Jamie Robertson's first Guest Strip is here.

Jamie's second Guest Strip is here.

Jamie's third Guest Strip is here.

The last day of the guest week was also my wife Kimberly's first comic strip...ever. She has since contributed many strips (often when I felt unable to update for whatever reason). Kimberly is a brilliant illustrator and her work can be seen at McKay-Fleming Studios.

Kimberly McKay-Fleming's first Guest Strips is here.

Second | Third | Fourth | Fifth | Sixth | Seventh | Eighth

Cartooning runs in my family. This guest strip was done by my son Ryan when he was 10. He was giving his Daddy a break :)

Ryan McKay-Fleming's Guest Strip is here.

The success of our Guest Week gave birth to the Alice Jam. Almost two weeks of great guest strips. The first was by Tariq De Vore the underappreciated creator of Ban the Basics.

Tariq de Vore's Guest Strip is here.

Kathryn White gave us this delightful strip for the second day of the Jam. Kathryn is the creator of Blue Canary.

Kathryn also gave us a nice piece of fan art here.

Kathryn White's Guest Strip is here.

rstevens 8-bit style gave us a iconic Alice for the third day.

rstevens Guest Strips is here.

Down to Earth creators Gavin Chafin and Steve Wood gave us a rather aromatic and geriatric Alice for our fourth Jam day.

Gavin Chafin and Steve Wood's Guest Strip is here.

Mike Lefel, the manic genius behind such gems as Fat Jesus and Owlie, gave us this cyber-Alice on the Fifth day.

Mike Lefel's Guest Strip is here.

Bryan M. Richter of L.C.D. submitted this thoughtful strip for the Jam.

Bryan M. Richter's Guest Strip is here.

David Simpson's Millie meets Alice for some philosophical discussions. The Jam continues.

David Simpson's Guest Strip is here.

The eighth Jam strip was done by Reinder Dijkhuis of Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan.

My ROCR guest strip is here.

Reinder Dijkhuis' Guest Strip is here.

Pre-teen meets pre-teen in Sandra Lamb's Jam strip.

Sandra Lamb's Guest Strip is here.

Chris Crosby, the King Pin of web comics, took a moment out of his hectic empire building to give us this typically Crosbyian strip.

Chris Crosby' Guest Strip is here.

Bill Charbonneau provided us with the second to last Jam strip. Eeee!

Bill Charbonneau's Guest Strip is here.

Zwol creator Greg Stephens finished up the Jam with this fine strip.

Greg Stephens' Guest Strip is here.

Readers of The Shadows will be very familiar with Joseph England's artwork. Joe sent us this guest strip for a weekend filler. This one is one of my all time favourites.

I did a guest strip for Joe here.

Joseph England's Guest Strip is here.

A delightful weekend guest strip from the creator of Basic Stories.

Weekend Strip here.

Micah Pearson of In Your Dreams provided us with this weekend strip.

Micah Pearson's Guest Strip is here.

PL submitted these weekend strips.

PL's Guest Strips are here.

Thomas Deeney of Planet Earth and Other Tourist Traps sent me this guest strip during a hiatus.

Thomas Deeney's Guest Strip is here.




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